My Saturday, Raised bed revival

This Saturday I was able to give bit of TLC to this raised bed at the end of the garden. This will be the home for a few varieties from 'The Vibrant Veggies Box'. I will put a poll up on my Instagram page 'sowyourown' for everyone to choose which varieties I plant in here from the kit.

Bit of detail:

1) Removed all branches and weeds from the soil inside, and broke up any chunks with a shovel.

2) I dug out the front of the bed to allow me to remove the planks from the front.

3) I simply cleaned and reused all the leftover bricks and wooden beams and repositioned them to hold up the front of the bed.

4)I had a few half opened bags of compost from a year or so ago so I poured them over the top and gave it all a sweep.



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