How to separate seedlings to grow more plants? (Coir pellets)


This process can be done with all of the varieties within the 'The Vibrant Veggies Box' and 'The Kickin' Chilli Box' . The smaller varieties such as the Rainbow Swiss Chard and Carrots can be a bit more fiddly but it still works if done properly.  

Prior to starting this process please ensure the pellet is as dry as possible (obviously don't kill the seedlings...)

1) Split the netting - I just tear it along the seam, but scissors work better. 

2) Remove netting - should just peel right off


 3) Very carefully remove enough coir to allow you to separate the seedlings, the aim here is cause a little damage as possible to the roots. Soon as they are separated try get them repotted straight away to stop the roots from drying out.

4) Now take you separated seedlings and repot them and give them a quick sprinkle of water. Please don't be alarmed if they seem to droop once repotted. This is just root shock from the transplantation, they will most likely recover.