Rokita Hot Chilli Pepper Seeds

Rokita Hot Chilli Pepper Seeds

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The Rokita pepper is an early maturing variety that produces red fruits of 12 - 16 cm in length. They can be enjoyed fresh or dried into a chilli powder to be used as a seasoning. Depending on preference, the Rokita can be picked green before full maturity for a milder taste.

This pepper can be used in a selection of foods, most commonly diced and added to summer salads. If this isn’t for you, try drying your chillies using string and crushing over dishes for added flavour.

Origin: Bangladesh
SHU: 15,000

  • 10 seeds per packet
  • Soil temperature of 25-28 Celcius required for seed germination
  • Ideally, grow under glass
  • Plant outside at the end of June