Rocket Seeds

Rocket Seeds

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Rocket also known as 'Arugulawill go from seed to a harvestable crop in just 40 days. This ability is what helped the herb earn its name as 'Rocket'. Rocket has a strong peppery taste, which develops as the leaves grow. If you prefer a milder flavour pick the leaves young.

Arugula has plenty of culinary uses including salads, tarts and various pasta dishes. However, if you're looking for a light bite throw a handful of fresh rocket leaves on a piece of sesame toast along with sundried tomatoes, feta cheese and a splash of dressing. Delicious!

Fun Fact:

Thanks to its spicy scent and flavour, rocket is a natural pest repellent!

  • 1gm per packet
  • Easy to grow
  • Thin seedlings to 9-12 inches apart
  • Keep moist and weed free
  • Cover in autumn to continue harvesting