Petite Yellow Watermelon Seeds
Petite Yellow Watermelon Seeds

Petite Yellow Watermelon Seeds

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Originating in Africa, this watermelon is clearly distinguishable with its bright yellow flesh and shiny green rind. The petite yellow lacks lycopene, the chemical that produces the reddish colour in fruits and vegetables. In our experience, it produces a sweeter flavour than its red cousin.

Not only is watermelon a delicious snack on a hot summer's day, it's also nutritious with vitamins C and A which are essential for the proper functioning of the immune system.

Fun Fact:

Almost 92% of the watermelon is made up of water!

  • 7 Seeds per packet
  • 5-7 days to germinate seeds
  • Sow April to May 1cm (½in) deep, in 7cm (3.5in) pots of free-draining seed sowing mix
  • Water regularly and feed with liquid fertilizer every 14 days
  • At harvest time, tap the watermelon with your knuckles, and if it sounds hollow, it’s ripe