Goji Berry Seeds

Goji Berry Seeds

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The Goji Berry was first discovered in China over 700 years ago and was used in soups, teas and stews before becoming a key ingredient in traditional medicine. These berries are part of the nightshade family and product bright red fruits with purple flowers. To avoid damage, they are shaken from the bush during harvest and left to dry.

Similar to many fruits, goji berries are packed full of vitamin C, making them a perfect alternative to oranges and strawberries. Goji berries are normally dried and eaten in cereals, granolas and yoghurts, however, they can be eaten raw.

Fun Fact:

It is said a man in China lived for 252 years after eating goji berries daily!

  • 50 Seeds per packet
  • Germinates well at 15-18 c
  • Germination can be slow
  • Sow in trays of well drained seed compost, covering lightly no more than 5-10 mm deep
  • When large enough to handle transplant to individual post and grow on under cover with warmth