Cyklon Hot Chilli Pepper Seeds

Cyklon Hot Chilli Pepper Seeds

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The Cyklon produces 10 cm fruits which mature from a deep green to dark ruby red. Once fully grown, white flowers will appear providing a pretty scenery. This pepper variety is well used in the spice industry due to its high yielding properties and good drying abilities. Also known as the ‘red hot Polish pepper’, the Cyklon is a common chilli used in Polish paprika.

Similar to the Rokita, the Cyklon can be dried and crushed over food or be sliced and added to salads, although our preference is in it’s most common paprika format.

Origin: Poland
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  • 10 seeds per packet 
  • Ideally, grow under glass
  • Soil temperature of 25-28 Celsius is required for seed germination
  • Plant outside at the beginning of June (Southern UK)
  • Germination can take between 15-21 days