Cucamelon Seeds
Cucamelon Seeds

Cucamelon Seeds

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Originating in Mexico, the cucamelon produces fruits the size of grapes with a taste similar to cucumbers with a sour twist. Their appearance is similar to a watermelon, with the familiar green rind and markings, however just miniature in size.

Cucamelons can be enjoyed in numerous ways. They can be eaten raw, right off the vine or used in a variety of salsas, salads and cocktails.

Fun Fact:

Despite looking like a watermelon, cucamelons are part of the cucumber family!

  • 10 Seeds per packet
  • Sow under cover (protected / heated) from Mid spring, 3-4 seeds 1/2in deep in a 3in pot in good compost
  • Harvest July-September
  • Keep them picked and they’ll keep producing
  • Will tolerate drought better than cucumbers.  Avoid over-watering