Jiffy Coir Pellets Wholesale 35mm
Jiffy Coir Pellets Wholesale 35mm

Jiffy Coir Pellets Wholesale 35mm

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Product Description
  • Genuine Jiffy-7C 35mm coir pellets, from an authorised dealer.

  • Used by professional growers for everything from growing in the garden, to high-tech hydroponic setups in nurseries and labs.

  • Jiffy pellets have been extensively tested to ensure consistently high germination rates for a wide array of seedlings and cuttings.

  • Jiffy-7C pellets are designed to be easy to use, and are not limited to professional use.

  • When they have been soaked, they will expand to their advertised sizes.

Keep in mind that for optimal use, the pellets must be hydrated before seedlings or cuttings are planted inside them.

How to use Jiffy-7C Pellets

  • Put the pellets in a planting tray, pot or seed tray of appropriate size.

  • Soak the pellets with lukewarm water and pour off any excess water.

  • Sow seeds or plant cuttings, and position the trays in a bright place..

  • Never overwater them, or let them dry out.

  • When watering them, make sure to water thoroughly.

  • To protect the sensitive roots make sure to completely cover the Jiffy-7C pellet in the flower bed or pot that you have used when propagating them.