Cape Gooseberry Seeds

Cape Gooseberry Seeds

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The cape gooseberry has many names, with ground cherry and goldenberry being the most common. Its native to several places including Peru, South Africa and Chilli where it is often found growing in the wild. The ground cherry produces a golden coloured spherical fruit that's protected by an outer husk. There berries produce a tangy, sweet, fruity flavour and can be enjoyed fresh when ripe, dried or even in variety of jams and pies.

Cape gooseberries are nutritious, containing vitamins A, C and B3.

Fun Fact:

The goldenberry is a close relative of the tomato family!

  • 50 Seeds per packet
  • 7-10 days to germinate seeds
  • Sow in early to mid spring under cover in fine potting compost with a minimum soil temp of 70F
  • The plant is naturally bushy
  • The fruits are encased in a paper like husk which should be allowed to fully dry prior to harvest