Bhut Jolokia (Ghost pepper) Super Hot Chilli Pepper Seeds

Bhut Jolokia (Ghost pepper) Super Hot Chilli Pepper Seeds

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The Bhut Jolokia, also known as the Ghost Pepper is one of the world’s hottest chillies with an eye-watering 1,000,000 Scoville units. The fruits are small and wrinkly averaging between 5 - 7 cm in length, tapering to a distinctive point. If you dare to taste the Bhut Jolokia you’ll experience a scorching heat with smoky tones that will linger for up to 30 minutes bafter consumption.

This pepper is not only hard to grow but also to consume, however, it is known to go well with fruits such as pineapple & mango and meats such as beef, pork & fish. Originating from Nagaland in India, the pepper is used as an alternative ingredient in pepper spray and by farmers to deter elephants from their land. This ‘super hot’ variety of chilli pepper was introduced into the UK as recently as the year 2000.

Origin: Nagaland, India
SHU: 1,000,000

  •  5 seeds per packet
  • Ideally grow under glass
  • Plant outside beginning of June (souther UK)
  • Soil temperature of 28-32 Celsius required for germination
  • 15-21 days for germination