Anaheim Hot Chilli Pepper Seeds

Anaheim Hot Chilli Pepper Seeds

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The Anaheim is a medium-sized pepper with a bright green appearance and pods stretching between 12 - 20 cm in length. The fruit has a thick skin encasing cream coloured seeds. When raw, the Anaheim has a crunchy texture with a peppery taste and moderate spice, when cooked a smoky, tangy flavour develops.

Commonly, this pepper is cooked, chopped and added to
soups, pasta or layered over nachos.

Origin: New Mexico
SHU: 2,500

  • 10 seeds per packet
  • Soil temperatures of 25-27 Celcius for germination
  • Ideally, grow under glass
  • Plant outside beginning of June (Southern UK)
  • 15-21 days for germination