Rhubarb - Victoria Seeds

Rhubarb - Victoria Seeds

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Rhubarb originally came from Asia, and was introduced to Europe in the 1600s. Unlike some fruits in the UK. Once ripe, rhubarb produces an abundance of large green leaves attached to long, speckled pink stalks. However, the stalks are the only edible part of the plant, with the leaves containing a toxin called oxalic acid.

Our favorite way to enjoy this fruits is in a classic rhubarb crumble with vanilla ice-cream. Simply add chunks of rhubarb with golden sugar and simmer before covering with a helping of crumble topping and a dollop of ice-cream.

Fun Fact:

Rhubarb is technically a vegetable, but was declared a fruit by a New York court in 1947.

  • 7 Seeds per packet
  • Soak seeds for an hour before planting
  • Plants should achieve 12 inches in height at the end of the first season
  • Once germinated move to a well lit cooler location
  • Compost at 5mm deep at a minimum temperature of 70 F to ensure good germination